Shop Lake Anna


You wouldn’t believe the excitement that Lake Anna residents displayed in 2011 when the first grocery store, Food Lion, had its grand opening at New Bridge Plaza on Route 208 and Kentucky Springs Road. Residents and visitors no longer had to travel to Louisa or Thornburg for groceries.

Fortunately, Food Lion doesn’t charge resort prices. Their prices are comparable with other Virginia Food Lions.

Food Lion has a pharmacy, the only one at the lake. The direct number to the pharmacy is (540) 894-0650. If you call the main number, (540) 895-0560, choose 3 and 5 to request the pharmacy. 

Food Lion has a good selection of beer, wine, and cider. The store is quite busy during summer weekends. You can pick up firewood, propane, or Redbox video rentals at the Food Lion. Don’t forget the ice!


Many dollar-type stores have popped up around the lake in recent years. You’ll find one on Kentucky Springs Road, another between Route 208 and Route 522, and a third just north of the lake an Route 208. The Towns of Mineral and Louisa also have a few of these stores. The lake-centric stores have water toys, such as noodles, blow-up mattresses, and water games.

Elk Creek Store on Kentucky Springs Road has a little bit of everything – groceries, beer, wine, bait and fishing tackle, household supplies, over the counter drugs, first aid supplies, firewood, and a really good deli.

The marinas mentioned in the article about Boats and Marinas usually have bait and fishing supplies plus a few snacks and drinks to get your boating day started.

Alcohol and Mixers

Virginia off-site sale of liquor is controlled by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority, or ABC for short. Lake Anna’s ABC store is located at the New Bridge Plaza at the intersection of Route 208 and Kentucky Springs Road. They offer a wide selection of merchandise—including mixers, vermouth and Virginia-made wines in addition to liquor.

Gas Stations

Your best bets for finding gasoline stations at Lake Anna are:

  • Exxon at Elk Creek Country Store, 5224 Kentucky Springs Road, Bumpass, 23024, (540) 872-3275
  • Shell at Dickenson’s Store, 5072 Zachary Taylor Highway, Mineral, 23117, (540) 894-5769
  • Marathon Gas at 2983 New Bridge Road, Mineral, 23117, (540) 894-0003
  • Exxon at 5752 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, 22551, (540) 895-5400