Camera User Manual

Camera User Manual

Camera User Manual

Read the Camera User Manual to learn about the features on the camera provided for your use at Blue Skies at Lake Anna.

Care to share your Lake Anna memories for use on social media or even posting at Blue Skies? You may email me your best photos at or text me at (540) 907-2353.

New in 2024, I’ve furnished a Blue Skies camera for your use in taking photos or videos that you agree to share with others. I’m especially interested in photos of your pups, the abundant wildlife, water shenanigans, and anything else that you love about Blue Skies and Lake Anna.

The┬ácamera is advertised as “waterproof,” but I strongly discourage you from using it underwater. If the battery compartment isn’t completely closed, the camera can be ruined.

So snap away and leave the camera for me to download after your visit. What could be easier? Please limit camera use to responsible guests – no children should be allowed to use this camera.

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