About Us

Steve and Kate love the lake and have lived at Lake Anna for over 10 years. In 2014, they began sharing Blue Skies at Lake Anna with their guests.

In 2019, Kate's brother, Mike, asked Kate and Steve to manage his vacation rental, Lake Anna Blue Sails.

Photo of Kate, Steve, Mike, and some of their family members.


Kate manages frontline coordination of inquiries, booking, vacation planning, and communication. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Kate for ideas, answers, or suggestions.


Steve works mostly behind the scenes with construction, maintenance, landscaping, and the 101 other things that must be done. 

“It was great to see both of you again. Always a pleasure to hear your stories and enjoy your fellowship.”

Teresa, Joe and Ernie

If you’re new to Lake Anna, you’ll definitely want to explore this hidden gem, one of Virginia’s largest freshwater inland reservoirs. Hike the trails at Lake Anna State Park, fish in the lake, dine out, enjoy any and all watersports.

The lake covers 13,000 acres and is divided between a public and private side. Even though “private” might sound quite special, guests should consider the pros and cons about either side before choosing a vacation destination.

Although you may have  visited Lake Anna before, there is a vast lake to explore and many area features to discover. Indeed, you’ll want to check out the many entertainment venues, watering holes, and restaurants. Lake Anna is near great shopping in Charlottesville, Richmond, and other near-by cities.

Be sure to find new places, both on and off the water.